Sunday, October 17, 2010

quick prayer

Lord, what You say is true. Grant that I may follow Your words in my daily life. Your truth shall teach me, guide me, and protect me. May it deliver me from all evil desires and foolish love. Let me esteem nothing as great, or valuable, or wonderful, except insofar as it makes me better and more pleasing in Your eyes. In this way I shall never be a slave of this earth, but shall walk daily towards Heaven with a holy freedom of heart. Amen

My Daily Bread - Confraternity of the Precious Blood

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What a day. I went over to the church around 2pm. Ruben said he had to leave for a little bit to take care of an emergency. I went up stairs to prepare for class. I then went downstairs to see if there were any new additions to the class. Sister put me at the front door to control and direct traffic to the church where everyone was going to get blessed. Since Ruben was not there I received the 7th and 8th graders. We then went up to the class and went over the text book and a brief discussion to the bible. More in depth coverage is needed. The kids seemed tired from school or simply did not take to me. Luckily when Ruben got back things got back under control. He is a natural or experienced teacher. I on the other hand was a nervous wreck and probably over estimated the education level of the kids. We have to get them to express themselves. Next week cover 1st chapter. Simplify and decrease one way communication.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

listening to the silence of the night

This will be my first blog entry. Am not much of a writer and perhaps this will help me improve.
I grew up in this small town located in the salinas valley, Steinbeck country. I currently work for the Monterey County Library part-time. Hey at least am working, in this economy many are not. My life lately has been more concerned with a quest to serve Jesus Christ in whatever way he chooses. I tried being the one in control and learned it just doesn't work, we become conceited and money hungry. Temporal things that will not do us anything after this short life we are given, nor does it improve it for those remaining.

its all quiet at the moment. Am working on getting ready for my first confirmation class. I will be assisting the main instructor. Luckily this give me a good entry into teaching without having to handle everything myself. Class is next week and still no clue what to expect. I really got to get ahold of the main instructor and figure out sister rosangel's goals for the students. This is her first year as the director of religious education (DRE).

I worry about the kids here, most are alright but there are some that have fallen to the Gangs. This Town is divided into two warring parties the Nortenos and the surenos or as I like to call them the Dork-tenos and the sewer-nos. The cops have been cracking down on them lately, but as usual its just to get headlines in the local papers. Gangs are a fact of life here. The kids never listen, they have been brained washed by slightly older kids and the mass media that glamorizes the gangster life no matter how many dead bodies add up.

Over looking the confirmation textbook did not please me. It is nothing more than brief introduction to various catholic subjects. " Hell" is only a brief paragraph. I have to check if we have sufficient copies of a catholic bible at the school. I'll figure out how to mandate the use of them. The textbook is closer to being a week introduction to sociology from a catholic perspective. If I get my laptop early I'll add more videos into the mix. Vids are stimulating to learn from than books, not that they don't have their place. The thing is that the students will be coming to us from school where they have already been burdened with book learning. The class should have a level of entertainment for the kids as well fulfilling its main goal of educating, but what do I know am just a TA.